Joins King of Glory July 22 2012 as permanent  Pastor

  Greetings to all my new friends at King of Glory Lutheran Church.  I wish to take a moment to introduce myself and my background to all of you.  I was born and raised in Orange County with my older brother and younger twin sisters.  I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in order to attend St. John’s College, where I studied classical liberal arts.  During that time I had a number of odd jobs, including working at a toy store, doing computer work for a property management firm, and breeding a strange species of salamanders called axolotls.  As you might expect, this certainly made for a busy, but fun, experience!
          I first felt the call toward ordained ministry as early as high school.  At the age of sixteen, I attended an event at California Lutheran University called Invitation to Service, which is designed to help youth discern God’s call in their lives.  I found myself feeling a strong pull to ministry at that event, and that feeling remains within me today.  Coincidentally, I also met a wonderful young woman at Invitation to Service named Jennifer Chrien.  We dated for quite some time, and I am happy to say that the two of us have now been married for four years.  Jennifer, who is now also a pastor, is starting her first call at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Oxnard.
          I did my graduate school education at the Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  While there, I was blessed with new friends and an excellent education.  Part of this education included my serving as an intern chaplain at a nearby hospital as well as at a retirement home.  That internship makes up some of my fondest memories from seminary; I truly appreciated listening and praying with the people I visited.  I served another internship at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Centreville, Virginia in which I learned the ins and outs of congregational ministry.  I am now excited to begin the next portion of my journey as the pastor at King of Glory.  I look forward to getting to know all of you and working together for the sake of the gospel. I know that we will do wonderful ministry in the times ahead.



When we gather to worship at King of Glory, we begin by confessing our sins to our Lord and receiving his mercy and forgiveness.  Our worship service continues with hymns, prayers, and Bible readings. Our choir sings a beautiful anthem that reflects the theme of the Bible readings.  Our outstanding Choir Director and keyboardist Carol Browning, and sometimes other instrumentalists, accompany the choir and congregation. The music and singing are exceptional and form an integral part of our service.



And on special occasions Pastor Steve accompanies on his guitar.


Pastor shares a sermon that leads us to a deeper understanding of the day’s scriptures and of the ways that God lifts us with his grace and leads us to be a blessing to others. We have a new Key Board and an outstanding Choir. Brass instruments and violin are added at some services. If you love Christian Music you will enjoy King of Glory.

We continue the service with a confession of the mystery of our faith (the Apostle’s Creed), prayers of the people, our offerings, and celebration of Holy Communion each Sunday.

The worship service closes as we are sent out to serve in love through word and deed.

The complete service is clearly presented in the bulletin which makes it easy for members and visitors to follow and participate in the service. 



The children are invited to a short children's message by the Pastor before proceeding to Sunday School.

Children 4 years of age and older are invited to Sunday School before the readings and return to the service for Communion. Click on Sunday School.


A joyous occasion occurs at each Baptism of one of our young people as we welcome them into our Church Family



We are pleased to announce that starting January 25, 2009 we will have child care available from 9:00 AM to noon each Sunday for children infant to 4 years of age. The child care will be across the courtyard in the preschool building.



      We will begin Lent at King of Glory with a 7:00 PM service on Ash Wednesday.  We invite all to join us as we start the journey toward Easter. Each Wednesday evening from Ash Wednesday until Palm Sunday we will have a soup supper at 6:00 PM follow by a worship service at 7:00 PM. Please join us, all are welcome.

      Each week during our  Lenten Journey, we will explore Luther's views on the central pillars to our faith (confession, commandments, creed, Lord's Prayer, and, most especially, Baptism and Communion).

       Early in Christian history the Lenten season became a time of education in the basics of the Christian faith for new converts seeking baptism at the Easter Vigil.  Martin Luther encouraged preaching on the catechisms, especially during Lent.  Using the catechisms as a basis for midweek Lenten worship provides an opportunity to revisit some of the basic teachings of the Christian community.

      We will sing a few of Luther's hymns, see and speak his prayers, and hear from his sermons and other writings for insights into the theological and spiritual heritage we share.


Easter Sunday He is risen

 We arrive Easter morning to celebrate Christ's resurrection and see the beautifully flowered cross that the ladies of the church had decorated the day before. It is a moving celebration followed by Easter brunch downstairs in the fellowship hall.



    After a moving service we gather in the Fellowship Hall for a complete breakfast prepared by members of the Congregation. Join us for the celebration and fellowship.


Adult Bible Study 10:45 AM Sunday

   The Adult Bible Study Class meets all year after Sunday Service in the Music Room. This has always been an open discussion class where many diverse ideas, both ancient and modern, are discussed.  In general, we are guided a Book of the Bible.  But often, the Holy Spirit guides us as we try to understand life in the Holy Lands in ancient times and how the life in ancient times applies to life today.  We explore the relationship of the problems described in Bible towards guiding us in solving our own problems.  We have studied all of the other Gospels over the years. We are currently studying the book of John.


LIFT (Ladies in Fellowship Together)

      The ladies of the church meet on the second Monday of the month to discuss a Bible message and share fellowship. The meeting takes place at the home of one of the ladies. Contact Joann Krebs, Church Office or the Church Calendar for more


The Ministries of King of Glory

          King of Glory has active Ministries that serve the Congregation and the Community Please contact any Ministry leader with questions or suggestions.                                                                  

           Preschool Relations:            Sue Premo

           Service:                              Walt Chandler               

           Stewardship:                       Renate Lee

           Worship:                             Carole Johnson, Nancy Dawes

           Property :                           Mike Knudson

           Hospitality/Fellowship:        Open

            Discipleship:                        Lynn Fallis




Keep up to date with one of our Seminarians Natalie Faltin by visiting her blog. Click here







      September 16 was a big day for King of Glory. Bishop Dean Nelson came to Church and officially installed Pastor Steve Simpson as our permanent Pastor. The Pastor's wife Jennifer also an ordained minister participated in the installation service.