Our Preschool is a Christian school serving all denominations and is directed by Lynda MacDonald, who has served in this capacity since 2013.

     We offer the finest preschool in the Conejo Valley. It is designed to meet the needs of active young families in our dynamic community. Our experienced teachers and small class sizes enable us to focus on the individual needs of each child. Each student attends chapel every two weeks. We have a large fenced-in play area secluded from the street with modern equipment that encourages co-operative play. Our child-friendly garden area promotes hands-on learning experiences that last a life time. Students are well prepared for the kindergarten environment when they leave King of Glory Preschool.




     We expanded our facilities in 2004 and at the present time we accommodate approximately 100 students.


                              Mission Statement

     King of Glory Preschool is a community service ministry of King of Glory Lutheran Church, Newbury Park, California. Founded in 1991, our beautiful facility was constructed specifically to house the preschool. In this child-centered, nurturing environment, children develop physical, social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and creative skills, providing them with a positive attitude about life and learning.


                               Philosophy and Goals

     At King of Glory we value children for who they are, not for what they know or what they can do. We demonstrate this by listening to them, recognizing their efforts, and providing opportunities for each child to feel successful.

     At King of Glory we provide a climate in which children can explore their world at their own pace. Through "hands-on" activity centers and experiences children are encouraged to discover answers, properties, relationships, skills, and concepts for themselves.

     We strive to build a "language rich" environment to ensure that young children gain the verbal skills necessary to communicate feelings, thoughts, and needs. We promote creative adventure with language by exposing our students to the best of early childhood literature and encouraging their own imaginative use of language.

     We foster the development of strong, healthy bodies by providing nutritious snacks, promoting good health habits, and designing our playground and classroom areas to stimulate both fine and gross motor development.

     At King of Glory we are dedicated to nurturing in each child the knowledge that she/he is special to God, created, loved and uniquely gifted by him.

      We look forward to having you as part of our King of Glory Family!


Admission statement

      King of Glory Preschool is operated on a non-discriminatory basis, admitting all children of preschool age without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry.



       We provide quality preschool and day care for children, ages 2 years (not potty-trained) through 6 years.  We are licensed to serve 75 children. Our Child to teacher ratio is 6 to 1 for 3 year olds and up to 8 to 1 for 4 and 5 year olds.

      Our Day Care is available for a limited number of students.



      Our program is structured to help each child build a creative and healthy self-image, to develop empathy for others, and to develop critical thinking skills necessary for everyday living.

      Although our  schedule is dictated by the needs and interests of our students, a typical day will include a wide variety of learning experiences including:

Group activities (story telling, finger plays, etc.)

Independent learning tasks (blocks, manipulative activities, etc.).

Science exploration (observation and discussion of natural forces in earth, sky, weather, life, pets, etc.)

Art experiences (easel painting, finger painting, chalk, crayons, collage, etc.)

Dramatic play (a chance to try on different life skills, occupations, relationships, etc.)

Music and Movement (songs, rhythms, rhymes ~ a chance to experience music experimentally and creatively)

Sensor motor Training (body image, space and direction, balance, visual discrimination, large and small muscle activities).

Chapel  times and other spiritual growth times (opportunities to share prayers, songs, stories, and God’s love)

Snack times: nutritious morning and afternoon snacks are provided.

Outdoor Play:0ur environment is designed to promote large and small muscle development



We offer discounts to children and grandchildren of; King of Glory church members, teachers and active military service personnel.

Five Day, Three Day (MWF) and Two Day (T, Th.) programs are available for our 2 &                               3 year old classes.

Five Day, Four Day (M-Th or Tue-F), Three Day (MWF) and Two Day (T, Th) programs are available for our 4 & 5 year old Pre-K classes

Half Day Preschool & Pre-K- 9:00 AM- 12:45 PM September - June (Tuition payments due August - May)

Full Day Preschool - 7:00 AM- 5:30 PM

Year Round  (Tuition payments due September -August)

Extended Care starting at 7:00 AM is available on an occasional basis.

Summer Fun Program is available in July and August.


Our Teachers are our strength- Meet them



      Lauri Halas          Robin Ligon            Beth Camarillo




   Louise Kiesel          Paulette Maiden        Patti Strohmeier



       Ruth Martin



Parent Participation

         King of Glory Preschool has an “Open Door” policy.  All parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s preschool experience.   Parent volunteers are welcome to share any talents, gifts, careers, cultures, etc.   Any help you offer is valuable to your child and to us.  There are also limited spaces on our Preschool Board for parent members.

Call us for an appointment,

We would love to show you our beautiful facility!


       Our School for the Children 

Pastor Steve and Congregation thanking Scout Troup 753 for                    the beautiful picnic table with the children's hand prints on tiles.                    A much appreciated improvement to the Preschool area.