King of Glory Lutheran Church History

Our Beginning 1964
   With the purchase of land and the calling of a pastor, the Board of Mission of the American Lutheran Church began what we know as King of Glory Lutheran Church. During our 40 plus years of existence we have maintained a small church friendly atmosphere. We are proud that over this time we have produced 8 Pastors and 2 Seminarians. 

    Rev. Floyd Grout and a group of less than a dozen families broke ground for King of Glory Church at 2500 Borchard Road, Newbury Park, on September 20, 1964. Pastor Grout had chosen the name from Psalm 24:7.

   A committee formed to assist in making future decisions. Weekly meetings were held for the next four months. One of the needs was finding a place to worship until the new building was completed. Worship services were held in an unfinished, unheated and unlighted industrial building, in a home and in the Lou-Bea Ranch house located near our present driveway. After three months, Pastor Grout became ill and had to resign.

   The work of the committee continued and on December 18, the church was organized under the direction of Bishop G. Falde, the Bishop of the South Pacific District. A call was extended to, and accepted by Rev. William Schumacher of South Dakota. During the interim period, Rev. Conrad Braaten and Rev. Arnold Thompson served.

Pastor William Schumacher 1964 to 1970
    Pastor Schumacher and family arrived and conducted the worship service on February 17. The church was completed and the first worship service in the new sanctuary was May 18. The dedication and installation of Pastor Schumacher was on June 5. He was devoted to building a solid foundation and to serving Christ.

    The church programs were started and the pastor took an active role in leadership and participation. Pastor Schumacher provided us with leadership until June, 1970. His genuinely folksy and caring manner with the people in the community provided a necessary element in forming a new congregation. In 1970, he resigned to accept a call in Mondovi, Wisconsin.

Pastor Fred Lee 1970 to 1975
    A call was extended to Pastor Fred Lee. He, along with his family, arrived in July. The foundation had been laid, our church grew with emphasis on each person being a minister of the church and sharing in the responsibility of being an informed member of the entire American Lutheran Church. The members actively participated in the worship service. The word was ably and articulately proclaimed as Good News. Traditions of parish education were strengthened by beginning a two-week summer Day Camp, a fun, as well as learning, experience. Interest in local politics served to cement relations with California Lutheran College and the community, as well as its leaders. Our current emphasis on World Hunger was started as was the process of refinancing. Pastor Lee resigned in 1976 to become one of the Assistants to the Bishop of the South Pacific District. During the interim from January to May, the parish was ably served by Rev. Robert Shofner.

Pastor Mark Huggenvik 1975 to 1984
    Rev. Mark Huggenvik and his family came to us on May 1. During these past years we saw the completion of several projects; the refinancing and Phases I and II of the church remodeling. We began a program which has financially enabled us to complete the much needed entrance driveway and landscaping. Through dynamic preaching, Bethel Bible Series and the parish education programs, we continue to know and serve Christ. We are actively concerned with feeding the hungry, the administration of justice, and providing low-cost housing. The increase in staff of an associate pastor, parish education associate, and parish secretary have strengthened our outreach ministry.

Pastor Clarence Solberg 1983 to 1986
   Our Associate Pastor, Rev. Clarence Solberg and wife Helen, came to us in October, 1983. Pastor Solberg's ministry enhances our spiritual growth, dedication and participation. Having two pastors allows more time for necessary follow-up visitations. There is a continued focus on the living, loving God who provides the daily grace for renewal of faith. Pastor Solberg is the retired Bishop of the Northwest Synod.

Pastor Ken Eggers 1987 to 1994
   We will always remember Pastor Ken and his focus on the gospel, his teaching of our children in confirmation. His sense of humor and his love of the Holy Spirit. He was always focused on what was best for KOG and his Church Family. He was a tireless worker always ready to help members of our congregation or community. His love of spreading the good news was very evident in his devotion to our having a pre-school here at KOG.  

Pastor Peg and Pastor Reg Schultz 1995 to 1999
    Pastor Peg and Pastor Reg worked as a team at King of Glory bringing the word of God to all members. Pastor Reg left King of Glory to accept a position at Cal Lutheran. Pastor Peg served at King of Glory another year before serving the congregation at Messiah Lutheran Church in Pasadena.

Pastor Don Moorman 1999 to 2006
    Pastor Don's sermons were rooted in the scripture and provide examples we can apply to our daily lives. He initiated an informal service to reach out to members of our community. Children were comfortable with Pastor Don and he personally wrote the course material for Lifelines (3rd and 5th grade students). Pastor Don retired in 2006.

Pastor Todd Payne 2008 to 2010                                                                                                            King of Glory embarked on a new dynamic period with the installation of Pastor Todd on November 30, 2008. Pastor Todd was our supply Pastor for two years and we were enthused when he became our permanent Pastor. Pastor Todd brought a strong message of Gods word and grace to the congregation and to children of the Preschool. The Congregation is growing and breathing new energies to all the Ministries of King of Glory. Pastor Todd accepted a call to the King of Glory  Lutheran Church in Colorado in October 2010.

Pastor Christine Sage   February 2011 to July 2012                                                                           Pastor Sage joined King of Glory as Interim Pastor in February 2011 and completed her ministry in July 2012. Pastor Sage's enthusiasm was a great help in preparing the Church for a permanent Pastor. She formed a strong bond with the Preschool children and teachers and we were pleased to welcome five young families to our Church.

Pastor  Steve Simpson July 2012 to present                                                                    King of Glory has entered an exciting time with the installation of Pastor Simpson as our permanent Pastor in July 2012. He will continue the strong ties with the Preschool and the initiative to bring new young families to God through King of Glory. Click on the Worship section for a more detail  bio.